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Vbat for Specialist Lead Acid Batteries

Vbat has been supplying specialist lead acid batteries for almost a decade. The range of batteries we offer is extensive. Brands available include Classic, Denka, DK, Exide, Marathon, MK, North Star, Optima, Powerfit, Sonnenschein, Sprinter, Varta and more. The range of battery capacities we offer extend from less than 1Ah through to over 200Ah. We supply batteries for most applications whether they be for static or traction industrial use, pleasure or retail.

We understand that reliable batteries are critical to the safe, successful and reliable operation of much of today's equipment and with that in mind we aim to service all enquiries promptly and efficiently with batteries best suited to their ultimate application.

In addition, and uniquely within the battery industry, we offer a service to businesses that require batteries urgently. We cannot guarantee to be able to supply the same brand and model of battery that was previously installed, but we will strive to make a working option available - fast, and to deliver the batteries to site as and when required.

Of course the bulk of our business is the timely supply of reliable power storage and release solutions and we aim to impress with our knowledge, efficiency and speed of response.

To learn more about vbat you can also visit the retail orientated e-commerce section of our website by clicking here.

We welcome all battery enquiries, please give us a call on the advertised telephone number.