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Batteries Brands supplied by Vbat

Find below a brief guide to the battery brands we supply. If you can't find the battery brand you are looking for below, don't hesitate to call us, we almost certainly offer a direct replacement of equivalent or superior quality.

Absolyte - Supplier of large static valve regulated batteries. Maintenance free.

Classic - Traditional batteries with liquid electrolyte.

Denka - A specialist in Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries and offering some uniquely power dense packages.

DK - Supplier of Gel based VRLA batteries.

Exide - Huge in the global battery industry supplying a wide range of brands.

Marathon - Long life VRLA AGM batteries. Maintenance free.

MK - With a range focused upon Sealed Lead Acid AGM and GEL maintenance free batteries.

Optima - Employing an innovative structure these batteries are notable for their spiral cell design and red, yellow and blue tops offering easy preliminary identification. 

North Star - Often found in telecoms applications but also known to be installed in other applications such a road legal electric quads. Known for the NSB75 and NSB100.

Powerfit - Batteries for commercial and standby applications. Maintenance free.

Sonnenschein - Originally a German owned battery brand offering an ever evolving portfolio of high specification VRLA maintenance free batteries.

Sprinter - High performance, short duration backup and emergency power. Maintenance Free

Trojan - A wet batteries often found in traditional electrically powered traction applications.

Varta - Batteries for conventional automotive/automobile/motorcycle applications.

Note: The brand details given above are general and the specific details of the battery/batteries requried or purchased should be individually confirmed.