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Battery Applications
& Some Application Considerations

Alarm Systems - long life, minimal maintenance, reliable power.

Automotive - high cold crank amps, compact form factor, long life time.

Backup Power - General - long life, low maintenance.

Construction Equipment - cold cranking amps, reserve power, low maintenance.

Electric Golf Caddy & Cart - compact form factor, energy rating, durability.

Emergency Lighting - long life, minimal maintenance, reliable power.

Emergency Power - reliability, safety, capacity, low maintenance.

Engine/Generator Starting - cold cranking amps, low maintenance.

Engine/Generator Starting & Deep Cycle - cold cranking amps, deep cycle capacity.

Floor Cleaning & Polishing - Ah rating, form factor, durability.

Fork Lift & Similar Equipment - Ah rating, durability, maintenance requirements.

Marine - Starting - cold cranking amps, reserve power, low maintenance.

Marine - Onboard Power - energy storage, form, safety, weight.

Marine - Propulsion - energy storage, maintenance, durability.

Medical Equipment - safety, reliability, weight, energy storage, robustness.

Personal Mobility - safety, reliability, energy storage, durability.

Process Maintenance - reliability, robustness, life time. 

Renewable Energy Storage & Delivery - Storage capacity, life time, cost.

Remote Equipment Power - reliability, low maintenance, robustness. 

Shipboard Emergency Power - safety, reliability, power, durability. 

Stair Lift - safety, reliability, low maintenance, storage capacity. 

Sub-personal Electric - life time, form, price.

Telecommunications Back Up - Life time, storage.

Traction Power (Electric Vehicle) - Energy storage, peak power, maintenance.

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) - Power - reliability, long life time. 

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) - Generator Starting - cold cranking amps.

And More ...

Safety and price are always a key considerations. Installation specific factors such as, temperature of operation, charging requirements and practical considerations such as access, handles and terminals are also important.