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Mobility Scooter Delivery

We only supply new mobility scooters. Immediately prior to dispatch each mobility scooter is pre-delivery inspected (PDIed) and tested to ensure the customer receives the product in perfect working order. 

Our pre-delivery mobility scooter inspection includes,

  • Wheels and Tyres (and inflation where applicable)
  • Steering operation
  • Tiller lock operation
  • Tiller tilt operation
  • Ignition operation
  • Forward operation
  • Reverse operation
  • Speed Control operation in forward and reverse
  • Horn operation
  • Lighting operation (where applicable)
  • Indicator operation  (where applicable)
  • Other function tests (such as hazard lights and parking brake)
  • Chassis & Bodywork inspection
  • Seat inspection
  • Keys present (two keys are always supplied)
  • Battery Charger tested and present
  • Accessories present (such as armrests, head restraint etc)
  • Batteries included/fitted (as applicable)
  • All Scooter documentation present

Our pre-delivery inspection ensures the scooter is exactly as it should be upon arrival with the customer.

We dispatch each business day to addresses throughout the UK and also to the whole of Ireland. We are happy to supply to Europe and further afield. Delivery to the UK mainland typically takes just 2-4 days by a national parcel carrier such and DHL, TNT or UKMail. Deliveries to more far flung destinations may take a few extra days. Every scooter is very well packaged within the box and then robustly boxed. Finally, each mobility scooter parcel is triple labeled to ensure prompt trouble free delivery.

Should the recipient have questions or queries upon arrival of the mobility scooter we offer a fast efficient in-house technical helpline accessible through the same published low rate call number as we promote everywhere - 0845 202 00 88.

We look forward to supplying your mobility scooter. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call, and if you would like to read a little about what our customers think of us please read their testimonials, click here.

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