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Electric Bicycle And
Scooter Battery Guidance
Charging and Selection Guidance
Electric Bicycle Battery Guidance

We supply batteries for electric bicycles which are powered by Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries.

It is important you select the correct physical size of battery. The most common Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter look-a-like batteries are the DK12120C, DK12140EV & MK12V12Ah.

True Electric mopeds, that require DVLA registration and insurance, usually employ larger cells such as the Dk12240EV and DK12330C/G.

Some electric bicycles are powered by odd size batteries, which are not easily sourced, so if you are unable find your battery listed below then please give us a call.

Our batteries can usually be dispatched the same day if ordered before 2pm.

A few simple rules to help maximise the life of your battery:

- Fully charge the battery before first use
- Fully charge the battery after each use
- Never leave uncharged (put on charge after use)
- Never fully deplete the battery
- Top up every two or three weeks even if not used

If possible print this page and keep it with your battery or electric bicycle.

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