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Optima Battery Information

Optima Red, Yellow and Blue Top batteries employ a construction unlike that of any other battery; Spiral Cell Technology. Spiral Cell Technology offers a number of very significant advantages over the conventional flat plate technology of ordinary batteries.

Just as the corrugation of  a sheet of card makes it significantly more rigid and similarly the pressing of large thin flexible sheets of steel allow them to be joined to form the unitary contraction of the modern automobile body, so the spiral wrapping of the plates of an Optima battery make them rigid and resistant to vibration.

The spiral wrapping of the battery's plates also offer another significant advantages as it allows a purer metal to be used in the construction of the plates of the batteries and as a direct result a significantly superior electrical performance results.

The purer battery plates mean the battery has a lower internal resistance, and thus they can be discharged more quickly than ordinary batteries and thus supply higher cold cranking amps. A further benefit is that Optima batteries can also be charged more quickly than ordinary cells of a similar size. 

The Spiral Cell Technology is employed in all Optima Red, Blue and Yellow Top batteries. Red Top Optima batteries are purely for engine starting/high cold cranking amp applications. All Yellow Top batteries have a dual power capacity and so can be employed in both engine starting and deep cycle applications. Blue Top Optima batteries are supplied as both starting and dual power cells, please see each specific battery specification for usage recommendations.

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